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Time to dremel into my cosmos 1000. Anyone have experience?

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I think I'm ready to start marking up where to dremel into the cosmos 1000 for the cable management. I want to hide as much wiring as possible, has anyone had any experience with this case inpterticular? Can you reccomend any strategies for positioning? Im thinking Ill need one for the two video cards, one for the CPU and cpu cooler, one for the sata cables and possibly some more?

Any suggestions or procedure tips?
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Use Aluminium oxide reinforced cutting disks.

Also, take your time, and tape off the general area of where you're going to be cutting.

Good luck!


Although I wouldn't use a dremel, holesaw is preferred.
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First advice: don't use a dremel to make the holes. I know, I know, I'm going to get a lot of response against this advice, but read for a second. You can go to any home improvement store and get a small hole-saw bit. This will create a nice circle for your holes. After that, use a dremel to "dremel-down" the burrs. Go to the screw area of the home improvement store and get rubber grommets to match the hole saw size. You won't snag any wires and it is extremely sleek.

EDIT: In my picture, look to the top right of the motherboard. That is an example of what I'm talking about. I have about 6 other holes like that hidden in my case.
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I had seen that thread, I am hoping to make my cable management look a little better though, and thats why I was asking about the dremel because not all of the holes he's made are perfectly circular, sometimes an elongated circle or oval is neccesary
I used a dremel with the reinforced bits, and cut away my fan guards and most of the top. You'll go through a lot of them
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Other than rubber grommits, can you buy u-channel for the wholes you're cutting out, to line any custom shape>>?
I used a dremel with reinforced cutting disks for metal to cut various cable mang holes in my cosmos 1000 rc. Also a bi-metal holesaw

the older set of cuts is linked in my sig "all projects by cr.."
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