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Time to Move My Server

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Some strange things have been happening with my server. The very bottom hot swap bay in my Kingwin KF 4001 bk stopped working. And then a different one lost all connection with the motherboard.

So ... I have decided to step back from hot swaps in my production server. To be honest, I haven't needed the flexibility of the hot swap feature enough.

I just pulled the trigger on a Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 case. I am going to stack it full of their stackable HDD cage / bracket ... but I am not going to stack them like Phanteks' suggestions ... no way, no how.

Further, I ordered a pair from Amazon (they arrive tomorrow) to get the measurements, look at feel, etc, etc. But before it gets here ... I asked this question on Amazon ...

How many of these can i stack? enthoo pro ii has a stack of 4 ... can i stack ... 8?

... and got these responses ...
  1. In theory the limit is 2 sets of 2. However nothing would stop you from stacking higher assuming you have adequate clearance with your mobo and expansion cards
  2. They are all the same case so you can stack as many as you like
  3. they simply slide and lock together, stacking 8 will not be very stable though, and you may hay have a heat build up problem
So ... motherboard clearance, heat and stability might be issues.

Motherboard clearance ... in the Enthoo Pro 2? If I have motherboard clearance issues ... then something is really messed up.

I also found a youtube where someone had put these (in a stack) in a Coolermaster Matrexx 55(I think). They quoted temps of 45° to 50°C (too hot for me!) but I didn't like the direction they had their stack. I will have my fans blowing into the HDD gaps, and not into the walls of the bracket.

Hopefully, that will take care of the heat. I already love the Phanteks 140mm white fans ... the first and only 140mm fans that I buy. I will be adding a few of these to the front.

I am still thinking about the stability. I think that something like these might come into play.

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Sure ... the HDD cage stack still moves a little ... but that is it moving with the rest of the case. I am not going to bolt down the case :)

The only issue now is getting the HDDs into and out of their cages easily.

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Question for you ... 4 fans at the front ... or 3?
So ... I asked this question a while back and got no real response. Initially, I deployed 4 x 120mm Cryorig balanced fans as I had them lying around. After securing my HDD stack to the case, I decided that I didn't really want to detach, remove, reinsert the whole dang stack just to swap out a HDD. The answer to removing / inserting HDDs was that I had to do that through the fan housing. This meant that I had to remove the 120mm fan brackets (dremelled!) ... and that forced me to the 140mm fans.

I added 3 Phantek pwm 140mm fans to the order. I have secured the three fans together, shortened their power cords and now they will be (relatively) easy to remove. And the HDDs just slide in and out of their cages.
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