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Time to RMA?

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Ok, here is my issue... i have been having trouble with this motherboard for a while now and everything still kinda worked so i brushed some of the problems aside.

the mobo i about 2 years old now. i think there is something wrong with the mobo's RAID controller. i posted this thread a couple of weeks ago using my 2x250GB Seagate 7200.10's in RAID0 (http://www.overclock.net/hard-drives...d-0-array.html). as you can see the graphs were way below normal for a RAID array.

so last week during the Black Friday craze, i picked up 2 WD 640GB Caviar Blacks that were on sale. so i reinstall everything and everything seems much smoother and faster. i did an HD Tune benchmark and it seemed about the same as others that i have seen in one of the benchmark threads.

this morning i wake my system up from hibernation and it locks up on me. i restart it and as soon as it loads into windows i see some of the cores spike in usage in my sidebar gadget and then i hear the hard drives click, and then a message pops up from the Intel RAID Matrix Storage Manager saying that there is an issue with my RAID volume. then i get a BSOD. i reboot and it tells me i am missing "BOOTMGR" or something like that. i reboot again, it goes into Windows, then BSOD again!

i have gotten the message before from the storage manager about the RAID array with my Seagates, but i checked for bad sectors and verified the RAID volume and it was 100% fine. this leads me to believe my RAID controller is nerfed.

i guess i could have some bad drives from newegg, although i highly doubt that. i was having issues before with two drives in RAID. my RAM is new, and there is no indication that there is a CPU issue. so i am left with the motherboard. so, think its time to RMA? i just hate that if i do, ill be without a computer for ~3-6 weeks while i wait for something in return
. any advice?
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You could try a dedicated RAID card..

Although youd have to reformat and start clean... Or you could just buy a new motherboard.

But if you really like the board, then RMA it.
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Try running Memtest. I know you said the RAM is new but I have had issues from RAM instability before that messed up files. I would run it for like 8 full passes, that all tests just to makes sure. If that doesn't come up with any errors, I would RMA it.
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yea, ill try running memtest first just to be sure.

i guess if the prices are similar for the RMA shipping and buying a new 775 mobo i would just buy a new one. any suggestions?

ill have to see if ASUS will do an advanced RMA replacement or something...
Any P35, P45 board. Except for the bad vdrop/vdroop, my board is great.
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