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Tips for TF2?

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I bought the game around release, played for around 10 hours (in which I was actually fairly good) and then didn't play again for months. I picked it up again and am now at about 15 hours, though I feel like I'm not as good as I was.

I used to ONLY be spy, in which I would completely rape at. Now, not so much. I don't know if everyone else is getting better or I just suck now. I used to average 6-10 kills per life and now I'll get 1-3.

I generally stick to sniper, pyro, or spy. I use the scout a lot but only for capping bases and don't use it often to actually play with.

Either way, anyone have some (non-obvious) tips?
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Download some demos from GotFrag or CommunityFortress. IMO its best way to get tips and tricks.
Figure out what class you want to mostly play, then watch some pro vids and build off of that.
Watch videos online and play a ton. The more you play the better.

That's all.
Play Pyro if you're on an unfamiliar server.

I get 10 times the kills with Pyro as I do any other class. 'nuff said.
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I, too, am interested as I won it as a freebie from ieatfish and Im pretty terrible.

Originally Posted by TestECull
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Play Pyro if you're on an unfamiliar server.

I get 10 times the kills with Pyro as I do any other class. 'nuff said.

Says a lot about the player too...

I kid, I kid.
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Then join the OCN server. Lets play few games there.
If you're playing pyro and you're using the backburner, you're a bad pyro. Compression blast is the most important part about playing a pyro. If you flame somebody a little, compression blast them up into a wall, switch to axtinguisher before they fall and get a hit on them, you'll kill pretty much everybody but a heavy.

If you're using scout and the force of nature, don't fire both shots off at once, I see scouts doing it all the time and 90% of the time the second or first (or both even) shots will miss and then they're wasting time reloading.

Really though, the most important part about playing well, is knowing what class to play and when. If the other team has a lot of pyros, spy probably isn't a good idea. A lot of scouts? Pick heavy. On offense, and there's no teleporters, go engie to help the team.
24 hour 2fort servers are the best to practice because they are huge stalemates. Practice sniping on the battlements. For scout its a good map to practice maneuvering. Theres a really useful double jump script you should bind to a key that will aid you in getting the maximum amount of air. check out http://tf2wiki.net/wiki/Main_Page
first things first, if u bought it on release and and played abit then... the after so many "Months" started again, one major reason is the fact that u have to learn the skills again 2, the characters generaly get tweaked to make weaker or stronger slower faster etc to balance out the game, what i do is go into a decent 32 man server and just stick to that for around 2 hours a night ive managed to get insane amounts of kills with heavys just cos everyone is predictable except for a darn spy >.< Nom nom nom!
My favorite class is the medic. One effective medic can change the entire tempo of a game. With the uber you can run in front of your uberee and block incoming shots and retreat just in time for your uber to wear off.

With the Kritz + Demo/Soldier you become a nearly unstoppable killing force.

Use the uber saw to catch spies and unsuspecting slower targets off guard (Pro tip. The medic can out run everyone except the scout). In a bind you can charge in with your ubersaw and hope for a Crit (which kills the majority of classes in one hit). This is the most reasonable strategy if a pyro has already caught you in his/her spray. You can't out run a pyro fast enough if you are in reach of his/her spray so the best thing to do is uber saw and hope for the best. (Another Pro Tip. The Kritzkrieg's Taunt heals you and can save you from after burn death).

The Blutsager should rarely be used. The only case when I use it is if I'm retreating, or fighting a pyro. If you're outside of the pyro's spray. The Blutsager makes quick work of them while healing you.

My second favorite is the Scout. The Sandman and the Pistol are all you'll need to do major damage. With the bonk and Pistol you can take out anyone except the Heavies and Soldiers.

I'd recommend avoiding decent soldiers as you'll die in one hit.

To take care of heavies, you'll just have to keep moving and stay in the air as long as possible. If the heavy has Natasha just avoid him, or use your pistol to take him out.
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