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tired programmer needs help with TI Basic

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hey i wrote this prog in TI Basic for my high school Calc II class, whats wrong with it?
it says "Argument error" and takes me to the line within *asterisks ok?
here we go:
(BTW im on a TI-89 that i overclocked to 20MHz thanks to a FAQ by someone on this site, "game")
rompt a,b,c,o
:If c=x Then
*Disp (a^2+b^2-(2abcos(o)))^.5*
:ElseIf o=x Then
Disp arccos((c^2-a^2-b^2)/(-2ab))
*** IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Try replacing it with:

Disp (((a^2+b^2)-(2abcos(o)))^.5)
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same thing, same error, take me to same line.....
GOT IT.....instead of a^2 i used a*a and it worked
thats really fuc*ed up
It could be the overclock that messed up the whole thing... not sure though...
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