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TJ07 Roof * What to do * ???? HELP!

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Right when Scarlet's opt to be finished, case moder's mental block!!!!

i have no idea what to do on the roof!

- another rad?

- i have red and smoked plexi - should i go for it?

- if i put plexi - there's not going to be any ventilation

- i don't know how to cut artsy patterns on a plexi

- stick with stock mesh lining?

- buy murdermod roof - uhmmm expensive but yeah

- i still can't cut plexi like the murder mod one..
- if someone's got the skill - i pay?

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Smoked plexi imo.

You can cut paralel slits very easily with a dremel and toss on some fans on that.

Hell if you cut enough slits you can put in a triple rad on the roof judging from how much space you have. as long as you can fit it into your loop without losing that clean look.

oh. oh. make a handle ontop to make it portable!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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