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To buy this case?

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Microcenter has the Ultra Aluminus w/o power supply for $52. My cousin has it and I like it very much. Just wondering if this is the case to go with. I am going to switch back to air cooling, and get a tuniq tower so it has to fit that easily.

Or Microcenter also has the armor for $110. Maybe I should get that.
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From all I've read ( Tech powerup , Big Bruin) , it's a buy...... 4 out of 5. The front bezel is plastic and flimsy, but it dissipates heat nicely for a mid-tower, and with the high-gloss paint, it has curb appeal. For $52, I'd say it's a good deal. You might want to invest some money in extra case cooling ( Silverstone or Yate Loon 120's).
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