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To get 3D or not to get 3D that is the question....

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So xmas is coming up and besides asking for a 5 star notebook for next semester I haven't asked for anything (tho I did drop hints at a Ipod touch)

So I'm wondering I was looking at the Iz3d monitor (because the nvidia ones make u sick and are expensive as heck, and the zalman one I cant find) its 277$ at the cheapest place. This is about as much as my 26inch I have now. So I was wondering is the 3d worth it to get this and prolly only this for xmas? Or is it one of those things thats cool for 5 seconds then you never use again?

Also, no Xfire support.........so I would be stuck with the power of one 4850.....and the way the thing works it halves your frame rate..... so pretty much bye bye eye candy on every thing thats not source, or COD4.

I was thinking about asking for a itouch instead, or maybe ANYDVD HD...... any suggestions?

cause i gotta say the 3d thing looks cool as heck
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You would need a very powerful graphics card to take advantage of the 3D gaming experience; if you detract from the quality of visuals then you will detract from the realism and experience, which, after all is the whole point of the monitor.

You can read a review of it here.

I would look at getting an iTouch instead and wait for improved 3D monitors.
I just found this http://www.tridef.com/home.html by tridef, I cant find a whole lof of info about it, but just using this program I guess makes 3d thingies, without the expensive monitor. anyone heard of it?
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