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Hi, Hot Dog, great sticky on XP performance BTW

My question is obvious. I'v used Ghost many times but with XP there is a problem for me.
Current OC XP SP1
GHOST... included with NSW pro 2003. The Windows version seems to leave some files out and does not work. Long ago I was told there is a PE (personal Edition) included but I'm unable to find it on the CD so that I can perform Ghost from a CD boot so that XP does not interfer as it does in the Windows base Prog.
Any opinion... Duke feels stupid cause he can't figure this one out and I miss the days of easy ghosting in Win 98

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I am using NSW 2004 but first thing it to get your version updated with live update (as long as your subscription is still good). Then if you start ghost up

go to Ghost Utilities and you should see

Norton Ghost Boot Wizard

Norton Ghost Explorer

Norton Ghost User's Guide

you want to select "Norton Ghost Boot Wizard"

a new window will open up with these opptions

Standard Ghost boot disk

Peer to Peer Network boot disk

Drive mapping boot disk

cd/dvd startup disk with ghost

you want the first option

"Standard Ghost boot disk"

on the next window you have option for usb and printer support just click the radio button that ses no USB support

then click next

net window will ask you which dos version you want to use

Just use PC-Dos

then click next

next window will ask you for the location of you ghost.exe file it should already be point to the directory for you if not browse to it then select ghost.exe then click the next button

next window will let you format the disk and create the boot disk

you want it to format the disk first

click next
you will come to a confirm window-- just click next again make sure you have the floppy disk in the drive.

your disk will be created

now if you restart and boot to floppy with this disk in Ghost will start up and and if you have a ps2 mouse you will be fine using the mouse. if you have a usb mouse you will have to use the arrow keys and your tab key to navagate.

you should be able to back up onto another hard drive or CD/dvd

please REP me if this helps you out.

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Thanks man

Update... you are joking... it's a a ligit corp ver. and if you let it I think it would update every 5 minuted J/K
Thanks again... have to try it soon.
Thinking bout a newer ver but every time I load or reload it it always updates
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