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To much ram power? Hurting O/C's?

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I am running the memory in my specs. I have it running at 3.0v right now (highest to maintain warranty). Is it possible that I have it too high and is actually hurting my OCing? I'm at work right now so i cant test it, but i would like some input before I got home. The best I have been able to do with the ram before is 225mhz.


p.s. Link to ram:

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Many times when people max out at 220ish HTT it is because they forgot to turn down their HTT multiplier.
In general, uping the volts is the last thing I do. I find the max I can go and be stable...then up the volts a little and repeat.

I have seen systems that could get impressive OC's on stock voltages and uping the volts furthur didn't help any either.
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