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hi, i have a 9600GT from ECS with 2 80mm fans i fitted to the heatsink it runs very cool idel 35-36C load 48C max on stock clocks

when overclocked from stock core of 650mhz to 760mhz the highest stable clock it only rises in temp 3-4C would it be a good idea to volt mod it and get a higher core clock?

if so anyone have a guide to volt mod a 9600?

*gtx 260 in for RMA so im trying to get some high end scores from a mid range card*

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Does your card look like any of these?

GeForce 9600GT reference PCB: MEM GPU vMeasure Note: Ref designs most do a VID mod:Source1 Source2

GeForce 9600GT Galaxy non-reference PCB: GPU MEM vMeasure

GeForce 9600GT Zotac non-reference PCB (version A): MEM GPU vMeasure

GeForce 9600GT Zotac non-reference PCB (version B): GPU MEM

GeForce 9600GT MSI non-reference PCB: GPU MEM vMeasure1 vMeasure2

GeForce 9600GT MSI non-reference PCB (version B) GPU MEM vMeasure

GeForce 9600GT (RT8802A pwm) VID Mod: Pic1 | Pic2 Table1 Table2 Table3
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