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Too good to be true?

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I was looking at some good places to buy a pair of cans, and this just seemed to good to be true, except Google has them labeled as a seller with 5 stars and 13k+ ratings...

ATH-AD700 for 65 Free shipping

Perhaps it's the factory refurbished status, but I don't even see used headphones for going this cheap. Do refurbished items have a bad reputation or something? Apparently it comes with warranty so it can't be all bad...

Not really sure if this is the right place to put it, but whatevz.
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I don't know anything about buydig however if you pay with paypal you will get your $$ back if something goes wrong. I would do it.
site seems legit, and that is a good deal on those cans. If you want them and have enough then do it man
I got a great deal on refurbished cans before, paid like $12 for hd 202's.
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Wow. Want badly.
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