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too many fans?

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i have an iCute gamers case http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/produ...duct_uid=90997 in which i have 9 (yes, 9!) 80mm fans

i have two 4-fan fan controllers and on max rpm (2400rpm) i get 39 idle and 53 load temperatures

i have a zalman cnps9500 cpu cooler. do you think the number of fans is necesary? its a very loud rig and was wondering if i could get rid of some fans and not affect temps?
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well not necessary, just fun, but your fans are low quality, buy some better ones and have fun lol.

how do you know what fans i have? i have 9 Antec 80mm fans http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/produ...duct_uid=54153 and a 120mm and crap 80mm in the psu. are my fans not good?


I would get a typhoon, then you can get rid of four or five of those fans, I have a typhoon with one case fan, my load temps are 42c.

wow! thats impressive. i get load temps of 53 and idle 36/37 apart from getting a BT what else is there i could do to lower load temps?
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