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top 5 ATI brands??

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In my mind, sapphire is number 1. what would you guys consider 2-5? I care about easy customer support, and warranty!
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There's really only about 5 major ATI sellers.

XFX is REALLY nice.
HIS, Sapphire, Club 3D, XFX (after the 4890 incident), and Gigabyte.

I didn't put them in any particular order.
XFX is the best. Sapphire is pretty good, too.
XFX (never going back to any other brand--and I have two 4890's from them too
), Sapphire, Diamond, and Gigabyte

in that order and IMO

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1. Sapphire
2. Diamond
3. XFX
4. Powercolor
5. Gigabyte

This is just my opinion in how I would by a ATI card.
In no particular order

Diamond, Asus, Sapphire, Gigabyte, XFX
1. XFX
3. Sapphire
4: Diamond
5. Gigabyte
in order: xfx, visiontek, sapphire. These are how i rate the top 3 as i have only used these brands for Ati. I think xfx is the bet in my mind because my 2 4850's were amazing, kept cool, oc'ed nice, and had a superb warranty. Visontek next as i have owned like 3 4850's from them, lol. Those oc'ed great too, and were solid cards, only one DOA. Sapphire i marked last mainly because this 4670 i have barely oc's at all. I haven't had any other issues, but oc'ing is important, and if it cant do it, then it needs to go
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XFX, Sapphire, Diamond, ASUS, Visiontek

With XFX being the best out of all 5
I have only had one ATI card and I like ASUS. I would try a Gigabyte card since they make a good mobo.

Hate Club 3d , but i guess that's just me
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