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top-mounted horizontal Rad questions

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I'm considering getting Lian-Li's PC-A70B and putting the custom top on it to run a 120x3 rad under the hood with a Push+Pull set-up.

1. Can I effectively bleed a loop with a T-line below the radiator? I see this commonly in other designs and I'm concerned that a Horizontally mounted rad at the top of a loop will dry out over time and cause failure.

2. I've spent a lot of time at Martin's Liquid Lab page learning what I can about Liquid cooling. In one section he mentions how sleeve bearing fans have a shorter lifetime when mounted horizontally. Which bearing should I look for to mount horizontally, and roughly how much shorter would the lifespan of the D12SL-12 be if I used in this design?

3. If I mount at the top so air is exchanged with the interior of the case is this air commonly pulled into or pushed out of the case? If this matters, what are the advantages or disadvantages to either set-up?

4. I'd appreciate any input/opinion from people who have tried to horizontally mount a Rad under the top panel.
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Welcome to OCN. Nice nickname.

1)Not sure about this one but if it's so common then I wouldn't be too concerned.

2)Sleeve bearings experience lower performance and reduced lifetime when mounted horizontally because of the way gravity effects their lubrication causing it to all move to one side.

Rifle bearing solves this issue using a corkscrew effect inside (similar to the inside of a gun barrel). For this reason rifle bearing fans will have better lifespan and less issues with horizontal mounting.

Another method is to keep the fluid pumped with pressure.

Maglev fans can theoretically live forever as there's no friction at all. But they are expensive.

Ball bearing fans are the traditional choice for excellent lifetime, however they are often noisier than their sleeve bearing brethren.

For horizontally mounted fans I would recommend ball bearing fans for their life span, price and availability.

3)The absolute best would be both or push-pull. That said the topic is debatable (depends on a lot of factors) and there's generally not a whole lot of difference between them. So take whichever route you find easier or nicer looking imo.
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