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Torrent Download Speeds.

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I've been messing around with several different Torrent downloaders like Bitorrent, Azureus and UTorrent. I can't really decent download speeds for the most part. I have changed the port number as described in the stickied guide, as well as using speed tests to help determine my up/down speeds. Can anyone give me any other tips? I don't have a NAT problem either, as I am connected directly to the internet. Thanks!
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Did you open the connection limitation that's built into Windows XP Service Pack 2? If unsure, read this quote to verify...it's a how-to on doing it. It increased my download rate by doing so. I set mine to 50, some people set theirs to 100. To each their own! (Original is 10 half-open)


Windows XP service pack 2 limits the amount of connections that can be opening at once. This can have an impact on the performance of P2P applications, and may also make the initial connection to the network somewhat slow.

Here's a patch that removes the SP2 limit:
Direct Download

Hope this helps somewhat,
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