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Torrent Download Speeds.

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I've been messing around with several different Torrent downloaders like Bitorrent, Azureus and UTorrent. I can't really decent download speeds for the most part. I have changed the port number as described in the stickied guide, as well as using speed tests to help determine my up/down speeds. Can anyone give me any other tips? I don't have a NAT problem either, as I am connected directly to the internet. Thanks!
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I have lots of problems with Torrents, No matter what, Even if its the most popular Torrent EVER (Where the top30 list of Torrents is, Which I won't mention) I still max out around 150KBPS.

Thats what I hate about BT, Jealousy gets the best of me, Because I'll usually get like 20-30KBPS down, But something like 700-850KBPS UP! I get pissed and limit my upload to like 5KBPS, Which will then cause my down to drop to about 5-10KBPS.
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