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[TPU]AMD Announces ATI Stream SDK Version 1.4

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ATI on Friday released ATI Stream Software Development Kit (SDK) version 1.4, the fourth installment of the free toolkit, that provides a way for developers to find what ATI Stream technology is capable of. The standard toolkit delivers a full-featured software development environment that exposes the amazing computational power of AMD GPUs in an easy to use interface. Version 1.4 of the development kit brings many improvements to previous versions, the full list of which is listed below. To download the ATI Stream SDK, please click here.

What's New:

* Feature enhancements to Brook+
* Support for multiple GPUs in a single program
* Support for 8-bit and 16-bit integer types
* Interoperability with DirectX API
* Access to thread-level data sharing
* Improved support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
* Performance enhancement to the Brook+ runtime
* Support for memory pinning to optimize data transfers
* Support for asynchronous stream write calls
* Additional hardware features exposed in the Compute Abstraction Layer (CAL)
* Support for texture sampling (bilinear)
* Support for FETCH4
* Support for the ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 consumer graphics card
* Support for the ATI FirePro 3D V8750, V8700, V7770, V7750, V5700 and V3750 professional graphics accelerators
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Even know I don't like ATi its still news
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big deal if nothing is produced to use it.

will this increase [email protected] PPD on ati cards though?
We wont be seeing much done with Stream/Cuda much beyond whats already announced or out, most people are going to work on OpenCL based apps instead

Why waste resources and time building two separate apps for Cuda/Stream when you can write one program with OpenCL and be done with it, its much more efficiant use of a programmers time since the one app will work on both cards rather than needing specialised apps for each
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shouldnt this be in the software section?

Originally Posted by CattleRustler
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shouldnt this be in the software section?

Yes it should be, but it relates to hardware so I guess that it could work in both categories.
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