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[TPU] AMD GPG To Make and Break Partnerships With AIBs

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AMD's graphics product group, the core division that handles the company's ATI graphics and AMD chipset product lines, is said to be engaging in a reshuffling of its add-in board partners (AIBs). These are companies that manufacture and/or sell ATI Radeon-based graphics cards. With the recent success of the Radeon HD 4000 series graphics processors, the company added two more popular AIBs: Pine Group (XFX Graphics) and Gainward, a subsidiary of Palit.

Inter-AIB competition meant that a few weaker, non-performing AIBs have come to light, which AMD is reportedly contemplating breaking partnership with. GeCube is the first brand. GeCube is the channel-vendor brand for InfoTek Corp, a manufacturing partner for AMD GPG. Speculation is rife about hardware giant ASUS also being in the league. The most plausible explanation is poor sales figures.

On the other hand, a Chinese company that is relatively unknown to the Western markets yet not new to selling graphics cards, Colorful is joining AMD's league as an AIB.

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Asus? Didn't see that coming. Their graphics cards do seem to usually be higher priced that the rest though.
Do you think Colorful will make some Colorful boards?
I am surprised to hear that Asus HD Radeon boards are not selling well. Do they a lot of NV boards?
It sure would be a shame to see Asus go. They always have awesome aftermarket coolers, and nicely overclocked cards. I guess my next ATi card will be a Sapphire or a Gainward in that case.
Good way for AMD to tell the other AIBs to ship up or be dropped.
Does "Colorful" sell under the brand "Color" too?

No this isn't a joke, I recall cheepo cards at the PC shows in the past as "Color" brand.
As long as HIS and IceQ series stays i am happy
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Asus had some great aftermarket coolers. I would love to see a 4890 1GB with an EAH cooler.
looks like they are sold under "Colorful" after a quick google search, it appears that NV based graphic cards have been selling in the UK
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