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[TPU] CeBIT 2009: DFI

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DFI is showing off all of their mATX boards aimed at the gaming enthusiast. These come in all kinds of flavors, sporting all available CPU sockets and also offering multi GPU possibilities. Their newest addition is the X58 based one, which has all the features of an ATX board but gives the user the possibility to pack everything into an mATX chassis.

On top of that the much talked about Megahalems CPU cooler is also present, so DFI is going to be offering this CPU cooler under their brand name. The company who produces the cooling solutions for their mainboards is also the one behind the processor cooler. The Flame Breeze is a cooling solution for the chipset, featuring copper heat-pipes and a large aluminum shrout.
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They nixed that second board's PCI-e locations on purpose. And I don't like the colors on the AMD board.
I love where DFI is going, my P45-T2RS was one of the best boards I've ever owned. SFF FTW
those are some pretty nice mATX boards, considering the features. SLI, the full 6 ram slots, what looks to be power/reset switches, the little code thing, and a decent number of fan plugins.

good job DFI.
mATX love from DFI!

1. Hmm this or the Gene...

2. That's the SLI cousin of my board... The PCIe layout looks cramped

3. Is that the same as the JR 790GX M2RS?

4. Why the red PCB?
Maybe it will look good with 2x red 4870?
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The red boards from DFI are normally the BloodIron board, which are cut down versions of their lanparty boards, so I don't understand why they did that.
whats with the second lga775 board?

Originally Posted by whe3ls View Post
whats with the second lga775 board?
That one's based on the 9400M SLI chipset. Dunno if it has anything to do with the wierd layout.
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All I want are the Prolimatech Megahalems released in the US. I would buy one in an instant.
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