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EVGA keeps growing its visual-computing product lineup by the day, and has made its first major product in the PC display a reality. The InterView 1700 is a dual-panel display that holds two LCD panels side-by-side. The two panels are suspended on a central frame with joints that allow them to individually turn 180 degrees, and fold 90 degrees, so the viewer can customise the viewing experience. What's more, the frame itself bends 180 degrees.

Each panel is 17 inch widescreen LCD, with native resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels, response time of 8 m, and 500:1 static contrast ratio. The central frame holds a 1.3 megapixel web-cam built in. It takes input from dual-link DVI and HDMI. At US $650, the EVGA InterView 1700 is targeted at financial analysts, accountants, scientific installations, medical imaging, and other professionals.


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Just noticed that this was a repost, but this has more pictures. Probably should have posted in the other thread.
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