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[TPU] Intel Develops World's First Embedded Antenna for Digital TV on Laptops

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Intel researchers have developed the world's first embedded balanced antenna for digital TV. This patent-pending Intel innovation will enable on-the-go users to watch digital television on their laptop without the need for an external antenna. Eliminating the external antenna reduces the number of items to purchase, carry and keep track of. No other details were unveiled.

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That is very cool.
dont the do this for WiFi Already. i mean the antena design, not internal WiFi.
Instead of having to go online to watch hd videos/streaming media, you can just turn it to your fav tv channel and watch away... badass.

I can see TV sales dropping...

Originally Posted by Weedvender
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its just an embedded antenna....

Exactly, and they, uh, invented it... :shrug:

I'm gettin' me some aluminum foil and inventing me some antennae!

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just what I need
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yea all they did was hide it behind the lcd screen, the same ways some companies do for their internet wifi cards
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Cool, Id like to watch me some TV while im sitting around with my laptop. This'd be great for college students, while you're waiting for classes to start, or want to pass time in a boring class, watch some tv! With no external antennas, it really makes it a breeze. Why nobody has done this before is beyond me.
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