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[TPU] MSI Unveils N250GTS Series Video Cards

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MSI International today announced the all-new N250GTS series, baded on NVIDIA's venerable G92 core. Both cards use their own cooling systems and also feature all solid capacitor design. Unfortunately, specs of the new cards are still to be uploaded on the manufacturer's web site. Until then we're left with a hefty press release and a bunch of pictures.

True gamers expect what from their graphics cards? High performance? Strong cooling? A price they can swallow? We believe all three! Worldwide graphics card leading producer, MSI International, today announced the all-new N250GTS series, which utilizes the industry-leading, award-winning Quad Pipe and Seaweed-Blade fan cooling technology coupled with All Solid Capacitor design. Altogether these technologies come together to transform the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 graphics card into a most extreme performance and best cooling design win. When considering price-performance, this card delivers easy enjoyment of DirectX 10 games in a beautiful package.

N250GTS-2D1G with Quad Pipe Cooling Technology
N250GTS-2D1G uses the MSI developed Quad Pipe cooling design, with a set of four 6 mm heat pipes providing a 20% heat dissipation improvement over traditional heatpipes. When coupled with a thick copper base and big heatsink area, this design makes for a truly awesome cooling system. The special two-socket and fan design, and Quad Pipe does not only decrease the heat of the GPU, the airflow also gets passed to the memory, capacitors, MOSFET and other components, and helps expand the N250GTS-2D1G's overclocking capabilities.

N250GTS-2D512 with Seaweed-blade fan Cooling Technology
The other N250GTS model--the N250GT-2D512, uses a revolutionary Seaweed-Blade fan design, that, through a unique blade shape, is able to better focus airflow and improve cooling. Tested under very strict conditions, this Seaweed-Blade design has been proven to create greater air-pressure under same noise level of traditional fan. These strengths help to improve the performance of the entire cooling system, while lessening the fan speed and decreasing the noise level.

All Solid Capacitors
The capacitors are a key factor of power supply on the system. They have a great impact on system stability. At present, solid capacitors and electrolytic capacitors both store electricity and discharge it when needed. According to factual testing, solid capacitors were longer lifespan than electrolytic capacitors. Even operation under high frequency and temperature, solid capacitors also could provide more stable current than electrolytic capacitors. In addition, there is no liquid component to solid capacitors; we don't worry about the risk of leaking or exploding. Thus, the design of all solid capacitors can be seen a key factor of product's quality. Therefore, in order to give gamers the best quality, MSI N250GTS series use all solid capacitors design.

Suited for all-types of gamers
N250GTS series, aside from a high price-performance ratio, this card also supports PhysX physics effects programming. This support not only improves the overall experience when playing the latest DirectX 10 games, but also brings the in-game physics to life, so you almost feel the action in your bones.

Overall, MSI N250GTS series is split into two cards to better meet the whole spectrum of gamers' demands. The N250GTS-2D1G has 1GB Video RAM and the Quad Pipe cooling system for enthusiasts looking only for the best, while the N250GTS-2D512 has a huge price-performance ratio. Together this joint solution allows gamers to enter and enjoy the explosive world of the latest DirectX 10 games.
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baded on nvidia's venerable g92 core

Originally Posted by Lxcivic2k1 View Post
They spelled based wrong....Big deal. Venerable means that it's old and commands respect because of its impressiveness.

I don't see the point for new cooling for this card. When I owned 2 9800 GTX+s they never went above 55C when gaming or folding, and that was in the summertime.
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