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[TPU] PQI Announces DDR3-1066 and DDR3-1333 Tri-Channel Memory Kits

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Power Quotient International Co., Ltd. (PQI) officially announces the release of DDR3 tri-channel memory kits. Compatible with current Intel X58 chipset's coupled with Intel i7 series CPU, the tri-channel technology provides significant memory bandwidth improvements over dual channel mode. It provides the ultimate performance for enthusiasts wanting the very best system performance every time they turn on their computers.

Due to software programming complexity and hardware requirements, the increased bandwidth and memory capacity definitely plays a major role in ones PC performance. Using specially picked DRAM modules in 128M*8 configuration combined with stringent testing methodology, its full compatibility and performance is ensured. PQI's DDR3 tri-channel kit offer users extra memory capacity and greater bandwidth compared to DDR2 modules.

Current PQI tri-channel kits include DDR3-1066 and DDR3-1333 in various capacity variations (2GBx3 and 1GBx3). In the near future, an overclocking Turbo DDR3-1600 and DRR3-2000 version will be available to users.

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I haven't really heard about them.

Originally Posted by 45nm
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I haven't really heard about them.

PQI hides in a corner and every once in awhile sends out product announcements to online tech sites. They then go back to their dark corner, hissing at passer bys while everyone is wondering where they are suppose to buy their ram.

Sometimes I wish their was a product announcement area on Overclock.net, I don't consider this news. Perhaps if these were the first triple channel ram sets, but they are not.
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I hope nobody punishes a poor i7 by pairing it with such slow ram...
PQI makes memory and storage products like SD cards. They're pretty common here. The cheap PQI stuff is fine for people who don't really care what's in their PC as long as they know they have some super high end processor, but as far as performance ram goes just stay away from PQI. Even GEIL is better by leaps and bounds.
I have some old PC3200 PQI ram only one stick has gone bad out of 10 and it just failed last December. thats said it does not overclock for anything. I have it in a few old rigs for about 4 years now. so its holding up alright but it is nothing spectacular. just cheap ram at the time I bought it.

as for this new stuff I fully expect it to do 1066 and thats it.
i've had no problems with any pqi products i've ever used.
that being said, it was all at stock
had many pqi sd cards, many pqi ram sticks (old ddr1 sticks still going strong)
in my old comp repair class, the pqi sticks were a bit more desirable because they didnt die even with the abuse of a high school class
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