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[TPU] Prolimatech MK-13 VGA Cooler

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More Images and information at the source.
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No way. *clicks link* Mother of... uh, brb, need new pants.
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6 heat-pipe wowness.
Now that is very nice....
wow! my god what would this fit which gpu"s ?

Originally Posted by liverpoolonly View Post
wow! my god what would this fit which gpu"s ?

The cooler boasts of a special OmniMount Retention system, that makes it compatible with all modern single-GPU graphics cards, including those from ATI Radeon HD 5000 series, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 200 series. Other series include GeForce 6 series ~ 9 series and GTS/GT/G 200, and Radeon X1000 series upward.
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Says it can fit 4x 120mm fans....I don't see how....they need to come out with a 5970 version

EDIT: Oh and sexy card is sexy =D

EDIT2: Looked at the 5th pic on the source...shows the 4 fan setup...interesting but damn that thing is going to need extra support....heatsink with 4 fans is going to be upwards of 1.2kg.
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I guess now we know what Shredder uses to cool his graphics cards.
Show the Xigmatech VGA cooler, people complain about how it doesn't exhaust out of the case. Show a Prolimatech VGA cooler, and it's smoooooooth sailing.

Originally Posted by CAHOP240
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Now all they need is a Shadow edition.

Sure it would look sexy in black.
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You can hook 4 x 120mm fans on this beast for a dual GPU cooling setup....so...looks like with a CF setup you will have 4 fans attached to the bottom Cooler and non to the top Cooler? Wonder how well that works.
Can someone rehost the images? I can't see them at work.
US pricing if transfered over from 50 EUR will be around 80 bucks, which is almost twice the price of a different gpu cooling solution, if it doesnt do wonders, it will prolly be a bit overpriced, but lets see what they will set it at, i m definatly looking into an aftermarket cooler for my 5870 and this will go in the choices once reviews start pooring
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I'm still waiting for someone to make a heatsink big enough for passive cooling on my 260
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Love it how it is compatible with x1000 series and up.

Wondering if anyone will put one of these with their x1300..lol.
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