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[TPU] Spire Introduces BlackMoon Power Supplies Series

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Spire today launched the BlackMoon PSU Series. Aimed squarely at the gaming community the BlackMoon series of power supplies are a great selection for extreme power demand. Fashioned in neat black steel enclosures and equipped with the signature Spire 120mm Silent Blue LED fan, keeping air flowing and your system running cool. Trust the brand with the industry leading specifications and award winning service program, Spire - Powered by

ATX Ver.2.2 Specification Compliant
Sleeved cables and EZ-Connectors
EMI Shielded VGA/HDD Power Connectors
Supports the newest Intel & AMD based systems
Cool-Blue LED 120mm DC fan
3 Speed Variable Fan Speed Temp-control
Completely Silent 10.0 dBA up to 45C / 113F
High Efficiency (85%) up to 30% less power consumption
I/O/OVP/OLP and SCP Short Circuit- Overload- & Over current-Protection
Product Includes:1. Multilanguage Owners Manual 2. Mounting screws 4pcs 3. Velcro Cable Straps 4. Power Cord (safety approved)

The BlackMoon Power Supply Series are compatible with all ATX, MICRO-ATX and BTX form factor platforms, SLI Ready, ATI Compatible and 80PLUS Bronze Certified.

The BlackMoon power supplies are now available for direct shipping from Spire Global branches. For more information, please refer to the product pages here.
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