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Trade in 2x GTX 280's for one GTX 295 coop?

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Hey guys... well my title basically says it all. ive been offered basically the same money to sell my gtx 280s as someone else will sell me a new 295 coop edition. (Note... i got the 280's buy one get one free so im selling them for 400 bucks, the same price that the 295 costs). so thats it..
i could buy another 295 coop in the future
i could watercool the single coop
i could keep the two 280s and watercool them.

any input here would be great!! thanks so much in advance.
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I would get the 295, and watercool it, you would lose performance though. But you would also gain PCI-E lanes
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I say do it...lower power consumption and better results with non-SLI compatible games (if you play any)
hey guys thanks for the help. yes the coop runs cooler so it can overclocked better especially with watercooling. and a second one in the future would be sweet!
just one thing though.... what do you mean that itll be better with non-sli games. isnt that implying that sli games wont work good? isnt it a dual gpu card and you enable sli in the nvidia control panel? thats what i read....
what I mean is, that since it's physically only 1 card and the SLI is internal to it, the game will only see 1 GPU, not 2 as in SLI and it'll give you better FPS since it doesn't think there are 2 cards, which it might not support
ahhh ok bud great thanks! keep the input comin guys the more the better. thanks so much again.
i went through this choice when i bought my cards.
the gtx 280 sli will beat the 295 in all tests. so i would stick with them.
hmm...maybe I misread something about the old game thing...bah, whatever...I hate it when I confuse myself with something that seems to make sense to me at the time I post it...

where are my pills....

anyway, 295 is still easier to work with I'd think
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wow thanks again...
looks its two votes for the coop and one for the 280s. i think the thing with the coop is that since its cooler itll overclock alot better. so with a waterblock i could be comparable with the 280s. then in the future i could get two of them and go quad sli

i also had the option here for an extra 400 bucks trade in the 280s for two of the original gtx 295s. however down the road for the same price id could have 2 coops and even though the two are very close ive seen that the coop is newer, a tad better, and runs a little bit cooler.
anyway thanks again keep the input comin. im sure there are lots of other people out there facing similar problems so im sure this will be lots of help!
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your decision
u wont really see a great difference in performane(neither good or bad, dont know about folding tho)i personally would get a GTX295,just for the heck of saying you have1 and for the single card.but your decision m8
ok update for anyone with a similar problem
this is what someone on another site recommended and i think it has a great point regarding directx 11. im now leaning to getting the ATI 5970.

"I wouldnt go with nvidia in this case. but thats my personal opinion. and Im again, un-experienced. I would sell the 2 x 280's and go with dx11 supported card. you have win 7 ultimate. a kick ass mobo, memory, ect... get that bottleneck out of there, and put some money back into your pocket.

sell 280's, but 5870 or 5970... and be done with it. or wait for Fermi... either way, you are above the game.

for now you are looking to trade power consuming cards for power consuming cards... with out much gain in performance, even if you put down another 400 bucks for the other 295... its still dx 10...

sell and upgrade... to the next gaming platform. but thats me. cause you are spending the moeny, you should be up grading here... not spending more money for the same dx 10....

hardware is pretty tip top shape from what Ive read. Meaning. the bottleneck is in drivers and software, games ect... the cards themselfs are more than capable... so you dont need 4 cards. nor do you need to have cards that consume alot of power. its not NEEDED nor does it provide a gain."


check this out."
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