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Trade your HD 7970 for my GTX 680

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I have a GTX 680 in great condition that I would like to trade for a HD 7970. My card is in great condition and will come with the box and all the original accessories. I would prefer a GHZ edition and/or something that has a good cooler as I will be using the gpu for GPGPU processing which will require a GPU that has good cooling. The reason for the trade is that the GTX 680 was created with very little GPGPU power by Nvidia and doesn't even work with my new application that I am running.

Please message me if you have something of interest. I may take a 7950 + cash on your part.

The GTX 680 I have is the following. I purchased it from Newegg on 5/18/12. It runs extremely cool and is very quiet.

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Also sent PM~
Trade locked in. Thanks everyone
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