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Transferring OS to new HD?

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I am quite tempted to get one of the spinpoints F3 and replace my caviar blue with it. To transfer my OSs to the F3 (i am dual boot), i need an imaging program such as acronis. Then image the partitions (W7 and XP). Then use acronis to format and load the images onto the F3. Then switch the drives and boot with the F3. Is that it?
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I just did a dual boot install of Windows XP and Windows 7 for a freind. I then ran the Windows 7 Backup feature, and it made an image of both partitions. So you might want to look into wether you can just use the built in Windows 7 backup feature.
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Sounds to me like a good opportunity for a clean install.

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Sounds to me like a good opportunity for a clean install.

just did two clean installs - w7 and xp.
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So wouldn't it be easier to just install them both again?
I suggest you download Clonezilla. It's a Linux (AFAIK)-based live CD, and it allows you to clone an entire HDD or just a partition to another drive. The interface is text-based, but it is pretty explanatory. Best of all it's free
For wintel, nothing beats acronis IMHO.
I've backed up, cloned and restored both data and system partitions, xp and vista, and works every time.

For linux I'd just use good old dd
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