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trasher rig

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This is my rig to get me by untill I have real cash to get my screamer rig

mobo - MSI K8MM Vclass - just finding out its un clockable :-(
cpu - 2600 Sempron s754 - hopefully switching to a Clawhammer
mem - 512ddr of no name memory
HDD - 100 gig 7200 rpm ultra ata
PSU - antec 2.0 truepower 430 watt
sound - soundblaster 5.1
video - nothing yet going to get a 256 PCIe nvidia card

big typhoon - cpu cooler
2 case fans

adding a fan controller and 2 more case fans
also possibly adding a fan behind the motherboard right where the processor is to remove heat from under the processor.

4077 M*A*S*H Paint job
Olive drab

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not done with the paint process yet.

IM thinking about some sort of military flat finish paint.
I still have to strip off my stickers and finish up some lighting things this weekend.
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