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TRENDnet TK-409K 4-Port USB KVM Switch Kit with Audio

The 4-Port USB KVM Switch with Audio lets you manage 4 computers with just one set of keyboard, monitor, mouse, and a set of speakers/Microphone. The device comes with 4 sets of USB KVM and Audio cables; no additional equipment required. Its compact size makes it ideal for home and business environments. Type: D-Sub, USB Computer Connections: 4 Ports Monitor Connections: 1 Port Video Resolution: 2048 x 1536 PC Selection: Push Button, Hot-Key Commands or Windows-Based Client Switching Software PC Connectors: 4 x USB 4 X VGA/SVGA HDB 15-pin 4 x 3.5mm audio in/out jack 4 x 3.5mm microphone in/out jack Console Connectors: 1 x USB Keyboard (Type A) 1 x USB Mouse (Type A) 1 x VGA/SVGA HDB 15-pin 1 x 3.5mm audio in/out jack 1 x 3.5mm microphone in/out jack AutoScan Interval: 10 ~ 60 seconds


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