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Tri-SLI or Dedicated phsyX

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I'm looking into getting a 3rd gpu but can't decide whether to go Tri SLI or a dedicated physx.

The main reason I'm getting another is because atm I can pretty much max out everything but and the only time i'll catch lag is when I have physX turned on, which brings to me the decision of whether to pick up another GTX 275 for 3way sli or a 9800/250 for dedicated physx?

Which one would I benefit the most from?
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Do you play a PhsyX game on a weekly basis? If so, go with PhsyX.. otherwise go with Tri-SLI.

I honestly don't see the point of Tri-SLI though, it doesn't scale all that well, you'd probably be better just buying new cards and selling your old ones. Won't be long before the 275s can't max games, and they don't have DX11.

If you aren't NVIDIA Dedicated:
You could always grab a 5970 and use a GTX 275 for phsyX, that'd set you back $600 but you could sell one of your 275s.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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