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I've looked at a few guides online, primarily lifehacker's but am curious whether it will be the same for my situation.

My current setup is:
HD1 - Lion OS (I intend to install Ubuntu onto this HD next to Lion)
HD2 - Windows 7
Chameleon Bootloader

Currently everything works perfectly together, I boot into Chameleon and have my choice of Lion or Windows. As it happened with the Lion install, the guide explains that my MBR will get messed up once again. Since I already have Chameleon setup, will installing Ubuntu next to Lion (Using the correct partitions in advanced install, etc) in fact mess up the Chameleon boot or should the more difficult things already be taken care of since I have Chameleon already working between Lion & Windows?

Due to the HD configuration, I assume what I really need to do is just setup dual boot between Lion & Ubuntu, and once that works the Windows should just fall into place since I will be going through Chameleon. Would there be any issues in booting after if I disconnect the Windows HD throughout the Ubuntu setup just to avoid messing it up?


EDIT: Went ahead and installed Ubuntu. Made a 2nd partition on my Lion HD and installed Ubuntu using ext4, with bootloader on same partition. Chameleon saw all 3 right after no single issue.
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