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triple sli gtx 560ti coc.........Gigabyte p67ub7

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looking at the (giabyte p67 ud7 mobo), and the (gigabyte gtx560ti soc gpu)........so, can I triple sli the gpu'son the mobo?? And is 60gb ssd enough for o.s. only?
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I was under the impression that the 460 and 560 only does two way SLI ....

IMO. Just save Up and get a 580 man..then later down the line you can get the second one...
your only gonna get a 2-way sli going with the gtx 560..a fantastic video card, but limited in that respect...best to get a gtx 570, or 580...and sli those
Thanks for that, good to know
looking at gigabyte gtx570 oc
Hell....by the time i can actually afford one of these suckers, let alone two ill be one old dog...
What the others have said, but yes, with the right video cards you can run tri-sli on that motherboard.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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