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triple sli+ questions

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I'm going triple sli and have a couple questions that i couldn't find answers to.

If i'm running triple sli, and have physx enabled, does it use one of the cards just for physx?

and is physx used much that it would be worth a dedicated (like a 9600/9800) card to it?
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no, all three cards will do physx, and a dedicated physx card is not needed AT ALL when you have 3 gtx 285's
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Originally Posted by nyder
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okay, thanks for the reply

If you did consider the differences between sli and tri-sli and still want tri-sli, no problem they will all do physics.
PS. nice rig, money is definatly not a problem so tri-sli is interesting in your case
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Ya, i'm sort of a sucker for shiny things sometimes. lol

It's partly a future proof thing. While today theres only a couple of games that drop below 60fps on my system, tomorrow (or maybe the week after tomorrow) there should be games that challenge my system more.

The other thing is I hate the top vantage score being dual 295's. Granted i'm not looking to be number 1 or anything (would of bought some different things if that mattered), I'd like to see how close i can get to the top.

also, now i have back up cards in case any go bad?

ya, i'm making excuses, I didn't really need it, but i ordered it. =)

It's going into my machine soon. I have my workhorse to build, and i got a new case that i'm going to put my gaming machine into.
Even in 2way the phys x is rockin, i get 24k score in vantage withh 44k cpu with phys x on and 2 cards
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It's SLI+ because you're using Nvidia. Nvidia has graphics PLUS, while ATI has just graphics.
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