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Trouble Installing Windows XP MCE

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Ok, I was goin all fine with windows untill a bit ago, turned the system off, and when I turned it on it crashed with a corrupt file. No problem, just pop in the Windows XP CD and go through standard repair procedure, right? Wrong.

I go to the "install windows" section thingy, where you would normally get a list of windows installations. I hit enter and then the whole thing just stops after it shows harddrive activity for a half second. Won't go onto the next screen, and claims its searching for previous installations of windows. Left it going for a loooong while, nothing. The repair utility (whatever that really does) will run, and picks up my windows installation, but it hangs when you try to access the next level (type in the number of the installation and hit enter) - no harddrive activity, nothing.


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Anyone have any ideas? Sorry for bumping, but its kinda urgent

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