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Gigabyte GA965P-DS3 rev3.3
Saphire vapor ATI HD4870 1gb ddr5
4gb Kingston Hyper T1 2 x 2gb at 1066
Just installed Windows 7 ultimate 64bit if it matters - and recently changed HPET from 32bit to 64bit though I haven't a clue what HPET does.

Issue: I enable cpu host control and change it form 200 to a modest 220 for this cpu (i hear many get this thing over 3ghz easy) anyway i change it to 220 cpu multiplyer at default x9 and hit f10 to save when it reboots i loose video and have to take apart the system and reset the bios with a jumper then start all over again...very frustrating since I have to remove my video card to get to the jumper.

What am I doing wrong? Can anyone give me the basics on the safe settings im missing or something? I cant figure out why everyone and their cousin can overclock the crap out of this thing and I cant

Also since my new ram is 1066 but currently running at 800 which is the stated board maximum but there should be a way around that no? the ram is meant to do 1066 stock so shouldnt be an issue increasing cpu host control to 220 only putting the ram at 880.

I dont know any help much appreciated.

PS. I have not touched anything with the voltage...yet was told shouldnt have to until much closer to 3gz
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