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trouble with overclocking my 7800gs

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I recently bought a evga 7800gs CO 256mb agp from tigerdirect. When ever I try to overclock it even by 1 mhz the test fails I even tried to to underclock it and the test failed can some one help me? Also on the box and the tiger website it says its memory clock 1300mhz but its default settings are 650mhz. I am using rivatuner to overclock by the way and I am using the 94.24 drivers.
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Did you try ATI Tools? It also works for Nvidia cards also.

Did you remove the previous drivers correctly?
yes I uninstalled them then ran drivercleaner
ok I oc my videocard with ati tray tools and it says my temperature is 46 degrees is that ok or is it too high
fine, just make sure it doesnt exceed like 90c at load.
it was 46 degrees at load I was playing the wic beta, I guess I can keep my oc settings.
Stay under 80 degrees or less and you'll be fine
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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