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Trouble with portal, won't start

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Today I bought the sperate copy of portal, you know, that copy that isn't in the orange box, the one thats 10 bucks. Anyways, I installed it today, along with steam. So i open up steam, and decide to launch portal. So it shows the valve logo, and then another, and then it shows the blurry background, with the loading in the corner. So its loading, and its loading, and its loading. When its done, it simply closes. No error box, nothing. I've tried launching it several times, and than i restarted my comp, still nothing. Is there something if forgot to do? Please help someone.
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try restarting steam, and make sure portal is updated
Could you fill in your system specs (user CP-> add system). I don't know if your system is up to the task.
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try deleting your clientregistry.blob file, and then restarting Steam. alternatively, try redownloading the game.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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