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TROUBLESHOOTING: Maximus V Extreme + Four 290x Crossfire = NO GO!

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Hi guys, so i recently got a couple extra GPUs and some risers (otherwise they don't fit in my system, aftermarket coolers). I'm experiencing nothing but trouble. Please help!

Maximus V Extreme
2x Sapphire Tri-x 290x
2x VTX3D 290x w/GELID Icy Vision coolers & VRM sink mod
8GB Corsair Dominator GT 2133

EVGA G2 1300w

2x PCIe 16x 30cm powered risers (for the Icy cooled cards, they take up 2.5 expansion slots)

Here's steps i've taken so far

1. Inserted all GPUs/risers/pcie power/2x molex(for risers). Making sure that the cards are inserted as per the recommended configuration for 4x GPUs according to the ASUS manual (something like 1a,2a,miss a slot,3,4).

2. First boot in win7 - I hear the device inserted noise (the same sound you get from inserting a pen drive or new device). However, i hear it playing about a THOUSAND times within seconds. So much so that it freezes the computer and i have to reboot.

3. I boot back into windows and all seems OK. I run GPU-Z and see that all 4 AMD R9200 devices are listed.

4. Check device manager and i see that two of my display adapters say something like: "Windows has detected a problem with the device and it has been stopped. Code: 43" So obviously something is wrong.

5. Driver re-install.

6. Boot into windows and catalyst control center pops up this time and lets me configure crossfire (allowing me to enable/disable xfire).

7. I navigate to device manager to find that this time one device have the device stopped/code 43 error.

8. Open GPU-Z again and only 3x Radeon R9200 series are detected.

9. Before enabling crossfire, instead i decide to open cgminer (just to see if all detected cards are functioning individually) and BOOM, BSOD system_service_exception.

10. Tried shorter, non-powered 16x - 16x risers. NO BOOT

11. Removed all risers, managed to fit 3 on board (one GPU having the fans totally stuck and not able to move).


Please does anybody have any ideas?

These are the powered risers i'm using (UK):
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[EDIT] see post above
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