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True Help!!..

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I think true won't fit into my case. I measured it and it only has 16 cm inside. Exactly 16 cm. What am i gonna do? Will it fit?..
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I always thought it would be really cool to see the CPU cooler sticking out of the side panel kinda like a supercharger (Blower) sticks out of the hood of a Muscle car. You could do that
I wanna see someone do it.
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Google is your friend.

TRUE dimensions

# Combined Dimensions: L63.44 x W132 x H160.5 mm
# Weight: 790g
The TRUE is 16cm tall.

Did you measure off the IHS of your CPU that 16cm? if so then it should just fit, but it'll be touching the side panel.
That is the problem. I have a gigantic Fan on the side panel. It's like 40 cm and i'm afraid HSF'll touch it and damage it permanently. Do you know anybody who tried it? If not how can i sure it'll fit or What am i gonna try if it doesn't fit normally? Any ideas?..
Please i'm desperate. Please help..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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