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TRUE mounting question?

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Is there any way that I can mount a TRUE on a AM2+ Mobo so it draws air from the front to the back of the case rather than from the bottom to the top?
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Originally Posted by JadedFloridian
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Short and sweet.


Thanks, I am in England but I am sure I'll find something like this over here, at least I know it exists now.
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I looked around for you and couldn't find any vendors selling the bolt thru kit in the UK. However, Sidewinder Computers does ship worldwide. Info:


Direct Link to product

If you don't feel like doing that, you could do something like I did. I bought an Enzotech retention module and used the LGA 775 x-clip to secure my TRUE. I used nuts I bought from the hardware store (for very cheap) to secure the x-clip. The Enzotech retention module and x-clip come together like this:

(Credit goes to revan05 for the picture)
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