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trying to build a better router

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I know very little about routers and networks.. I'm online now, so I must know enough to get this far..

Here's what I have

Celeron @2.2Ghz
MSI Neo3 P45
512Mb DDRII @800
Abit AirPace Wifi Card
HP 4Gb USB2.0 stick (v125w)

I know it's all overkill, but I already had most of it and the P45 was only $45 new at Fry's last week..

Here's what I want

A router (software) that will fit (run) on the 4Gb USB stick with basic security plug-ins running.. I'll be using my apartments wifi signal..

--apartment building's (unsecure) wifi router --> My Airpace card --> 4 ethernet cards..

Right now I'm using XP to run everything.. This works most of the time, but there are a few sites that won't load right, it's bloated, and being XP it is buggy and seems to run slow.. Plus, I want to free up this 160Gb HDD and use the 4Gb USB..

Here's the problem

I am a Network Idiot.. I have no clue when it comes to ip's, ports, and bleh bleh bleh.. Bigger problem is I have no desire to learn either.. So I wan't something that is fairly idiot proof for the main OS..

I've read a lot, don't understand some, but figured that bringing in a routed wifi signal then re-routing it was a little different.. Truth be told, I didn't think you could even do that..

Any help would be great..

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You could try pfsense, its a free linux standalone firewall. Its only 50 meg or so to download, but the whole computer can only be used as a router once u install it.

Im not sure if u can install it to a flash drive though, but just an old IDE HDD would do the trick nicely.

It may take a bit of learning to set it up, but it has a nice web interface, and the wiki has a lot of step by step basic setup guides, complete with screenshots and everything so it shouldn't prove to hard to get basic functionality from it.

That is a nice guide by Digital Sonata which you could take a look at.

If you have any questions ill be glad to try and answer them, at the very least i hope this can give you some ideas for building your new router.
That also seems like another nice option ^ essentially they do the same job, untangle seems like it may be more user friendly which should be right up the OP's alley.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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