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I've decided I'd like to take an upgrade from my Logitech speakers to something a little better. I've had my eye on these speakers

(Morduant Short Avant 902i)

However, I'm not sure I understand how to connect them up to my computer. I'm using the onboard sound from my CHIV at the moment.

I'm struggling to find a decent guide for how one might set up a home theater hi-fi with a connection to a PC.

Would I be able to find an amplifier with an SPDIF input (using the optical output from my motherboard) or will I need a separate DAC?

I've seen some recommendations for the Cambridge 640 amplifier, but I can't tell whether I'd be able to use this without some intermediate device?

Very very new to this, and currently struggling with working out what I need - any pointers would be great!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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