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Trying to find a CPU heatsink....

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Hi Guys-

First let me say that this is the first computer that I've ever built, so yes I am a newbie.

Basically, I've looking for a new fan/heatsink for my CPU. I've been trying to do as much research as possible online, but just can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for.

Mainly I'm concerned about the size of the heatsink (I'm leaning towards a 90ishmm size) and, additionally, I don't want it to cover up my RAM slots. Even though I'm only using 2 right now, I don't want to limit myself in the future.

Here are my specs"

Case: Antec 300
CPU: AMD 9850 B.E.
Motherboard: Asus M3N72-D
GPU: Intergrated
Soundcard: Intergrated
Power Supply: Antec Eathwatts 500W

One last thing, I'm thinking that the best orientation for the heatsink would be so that the heatsink fan would blow air towards the rear of the case and not towards the top. To me that seems to make sense based on the overall flow of air within the entire case. (1. 120mm fan in the front, 1. 120mm in rear, and 1. 140mm on top )

Anyone have any suggestions on a heatsink and/or have a motherboard or motherboard/ case combination similiar to mine? If so, would love to see some pictures.

Thanks in advance
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I set up my Antec 300 with 2 front fans and 1 side fan blowing in (basically filled all the fan mounts with low speed Scythe fans), and I have the CPU cooler blowing air up towards the 140mm fan. I figure the 140 will flow more air at any given RPM than the 120 in the rear. Besides, hot air normally rises, right?

BTW, if you leave the middle drive cage empty, the top front fan and side fan are aimed perfectly at the top PCIe x16 slot. I went with a passive GPU cooler on my GeForce 9600 GT and it actually dropped my idle temp 10C!

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xigmateck dark night,thermaltake true, or Noctua NH-U12P


The OCZ Vendetta 2 and the Xiggy S1283 fall in just behind those three.
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