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TT QFan 750W vs TT 750W

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TT QFan 750W vs TT 750W?

I'm looking at getting one of those two.

The TT QFan is single rail and the normal TT is quad rail.

Which is better?
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They are about the same. Whether single or multi rails (most are spilt from single) is the last thing to worry for these latest GPU. Focus on quality, cooling and power connectors etc. Between two, get the cheaper price one.
The only real difference between the two is the fan. The QFan is supposed to have a better/quieter fan but I am not even sure that is all that true. Even though one is a single and one is a multi-rail, they are both the same unit internally for the most part. I haven't seen a review for the new QFan 750 and it has yet to be released in NA. There will some slight differences since efficiency has been improved compared to the old non-QFan version. It really depends on the price difference. The QFan will be a little more efficient but besides that there shouldn't be much difference. If you were going for the non-modular option the Corsair tx750 is also nearly identical to these two units and depending on price it may be the better option (but only if you didn't want modular).

The Qfan is $25 more than the normal TT.

I had a look at the Corsair tx750. (the corsair 620tx is the same price as the TT 750W ) But i think i go with one of the TT
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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