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Temps most of the time of 1.5h playing COD: Warzone:
CPU 73'C
GPU 72'C
RAM 57'C
That RAM temperature is high for just running a game. I'd temporarily try aiming a 60mm or 80mm fan at your RAM, with case cover closed and see if it helps with reducing RAM temperatures.

I used to hit over 57 ºC RAM temperatures in memory stability testing, and so I bought one of those cheap and nasty fan RAM coolers (tiny 40mm fan) which I swore never to buy because I thought memory did not need cooling. It dropped temperatures to about 45 ºC under full memory load and about 42 ºC under gaming.

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Update: RAM cooling fans arrived, new OC archieved - OC5.1

1) RAM cooling arrived - Corsair Dominator Airflow Platinum

Today it arrived. I installed it without problems, but I didn't want to plut SATA power cable to LEDs nor install additional software, so LEDs are off. The fans are translucent so my RAM LEDs light them a bit. You can see results here:


If somebody is interested more in them, here are some interesting infos and warnings:
-There are at least 2 versions of this cooling kit - standalone CMDAF (older) and standalone CMDAF2 (newer).
They differ in terms of connections to Corsair LEDs controller. As I do not use Corsair Commander etc. I can't point them out, but bear it in mind.
My version is the one that came with 8GB RAM kit (second hand, but fans are new). It came with some controller (SATA power plug and USB internal slot required). It came with extension cable for probably LED cable. It does not have a cable to plug LEDs cable to PWM cable to led it light red when above 80% fan speed. I did not bother since I neither want red lighting nor I want Corsair Link / etc. I don't know if standalone kits also do not have it.

-Fans are transculent and 2x50mm.

-Fans are not audible to 50-55% of speed. They are very quiet at 55-70% and hearable at 70%+ speeds.

-Fans COULD BE NOT PWM CONTROLLED. I read that they are DC controlled and PWM cable is used to additional LED controll/power supply. I do not care, since I do not use it at very low speeds and at 50% it's inaudible.

-They fit my DDR4 slots easly, should fit older standards and probably newer one.

-They could collide with your cooling and block some ports (like I have USB-C port next to in, so cooling needs to be a little bit angled to side).

-Now I see that my Corsair logo is upside down, but this way I have cables in top right corner, not left bottom...

2) New OC archieved - OC5.1 - 3733MHz CL 14-14-14-28

New cooling kit was set to fan speeds curve:
50% idle (not audible)
60-80% high CPU usage (not audible when other fans are on higher speed)

RAM temps were:
Idle: 37-39'C
30 minute OCCT burn: 51'C / 52.4'C, still slowly rising
60 minutes of COD: Warzone: 52'C / 53'C, not rising
60 minutes of WH40K Battlesector: 50'C / 51'C, not rising
No errors or WHEAs

So minus 5-9'C thanks to 2x50mm fans, not on full power.

The disadvantage is slightly worse airflow, so GPU is hotter by 1-3'C.

As my IMC does not accept 1900MHz and above on Infinity Fabric / FCLK, I focused on tightening timings.
Thanks to lower temps I managed to get probably stable 14-14-14-28 timings (and subtimings tweaked).
Probably stable - because in OCCT burn it was still rising, so I am not sure if it was left to burn or use some heavy load app for a long time could lead to that high temps, so it could give me errors. I always have my stable OC4.2 profile. OC4.1 was not stable due to too low tRFC.

OC5.1 ZenTimings and AIDA64 results:


3) Benchmark - Shadow of Tomb Raider
I tested Shadow of Tomb Raider, 1080p, medium, TAA, no DLSS.

Here are OC5.1, OC4.2 and OC2 results and Zentimings:






4) What do you think?

5) What next?

So... I think what next.
Shoud I try lowering / rising any timings? Could something get me better results?

I also think about:

But I really do not know what they do, could I damage my kit by changing them and what could I gain by tweaking them.

Maybe I should try lowering SOC (or other) voltages so everything would run cooler?
Could lowering SOC make my system less stable, but not in terms of FCLK and RAM, but other things - I have 1 SSD on CPU lanes, 2 SSDs on Mobolanes, 1 HQ Sound Card on PCIe x1, some USB devices on USBs.

6) Edit: I also added a poll about max stable FCLK / Infinity Fabric archieved with Ryzen 5950X.

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Update: new OC archieved - OC5.2 (tweaked 3 subtimings of OC5.1)

1) OC5.2

I was inspired to OC ever further by this table from official ZenTimings site:

They had some timings lower than mine. So I lowered mine to their values:

Comparing to OC5.1
tRRDL 8 -> 6
tWR 12 -> 10
tWRRD 4 -> 2

30 minute OCCT burn: 51.25'C / 52.5'C, not rising, probably max stable temps during burn
No errors or WHEAs

Here are ZenTimings table and AIDA64 results:


Copy is a bit higher (+150-300MB/s) than previous OC profiles.

2) My questions from previous post from 3) and 4) (about ProcODT and other advanced stuff) still stands.

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Could you post your subtimings?
I'm tweaking my subtimings only, since my IMC limits me to 3733MHz with 1:1:1 ratio.
Subtiming (you can use free ZenTimings app) are more important to me.

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Update: new OC 5.3, tRRDL tightened to 4

1) I tightened tRRDL 6 -> 4
Seems fine, 30 minute OCCT burn, no errors or WHEAs.

Here is the table:

I am open to suggestions if something could be improved here in terms of timings.

2) ProcODT - it is strange for me that when at 4000MHz it is 40 Ohm and at 3733MHz it is 48 Ohm.
It's 48 Ohm at 3733MHz even without touching timings.

Should I lower it?

Table from old, 4000MHz all auto, IF maxed out at 1866MHz.
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