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Tuniq Tower on e6300

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alrite i have a tuniq tower 120 on an e6300 with AC5. Idle Temp is 30C is that right or is it a little high?
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I get like 26c with my fans on high with a freezer pro 7
Its not considered high but it is a little on the warm side. I believe Imnot 100% certain jsut trying to help you out as much as possible.
u think its because theres too much thermal greese?

Originally Posted by digitalh3lix View Post
u think its because theres too much thermal greese?
Possinly, don't put to much, and 30c is perfect.
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If the Tuniq is as amazing as they say it is, then I think that 30C idle is a little teensy bit higher than it should be.

The e6400 rig that I just built is 28-30C idle with a BT+FM121 fan.
So unless those two HSFs are head to head equal, then the Tuniq should give a lower temperature.
im at 2.45Ghz rite now im idling at 40 already. does that sound rite? .. to me it doesnt.
oh yea this is with ASUS probe, under TAT my temps are like 45 alreayd.
wayyy to much thermal paste.. you should be getting around 26-28 idle.
under TAT tho?

plus i havent reached break in time yet.
I get like 30c at 2.8ghz, um, on tat I get like 50c.
alrite, took off my tuniq and i rethermal pasted. minimal thermal this time. all on cpu zero glaze on tuniq this time.

heres a screen shot. what should i go by, i got 5 different programs.
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That seems a little warm to me.

I get 26-28 idle at 3.6 ghz with 1.4v

Make sure you apply AS5 in a thin line down the center of the cpu.
eh.. it kicks in faster(in terms of different temps). A weeks worth of folding with normal start-up and shutdown should do the trick.
my e6300 idles out at 44c (tat) @ 2.8ghz with my stock intel cooler. all my other readings on the bios ,speed fan etc say 31c.
I don't know where people get these understated temps....

On my e6300 @ 2.99Ghz vcore 1.29v I see Idle temps of about 34C after warming up in TAT.

The CPU temp in the BIOS reads 29C in system health (EVGA 680i).

SpeedFan reads about 32C after warming up.

This is with a lapped tuniq tower in a case with 3x 120cm + 2x 80cm Fans.

My last build was an Athlon XP mobile 1.86Ghz OC'd to 2.2Ghz and the temp estimates I got around the forums were all much lower than I saw day to day.
Looks like you need to lap the copper bottom of the Tower and then re-apply.
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