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I am looking to buy some thermal compound for my De-lid project, I have the TIM for the Die to IHS (Liquid Metal Ultra) and have decided to get Tuniq TX-4 for the HIS to the CPU cooler.

But the only place on eBay I can find is in Hong-Kong, and something makes me think it will or could be fake, so if this was you, would you buy this?… eBay Item 281053581698

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I have bought from HK before off of eBay, after the first couple of times, I can honestly say they are usually legit. Sometimes its just "come home from the factory" employees honestly, if that makes sense. Often snag an extra part here or there (even legitimately given by employers)

Honestly you can really highgrade stuff here:
IC7 Diamond Thermal Compound

Shin Etsu

Even AS5 (Artic Silver 5) is very good and carried locally at RadioShacks in my area.

Here are is the largest thermal paste comparison guide I know:
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