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[TUP] Smoothcreations Introduces Core i7 Based Custom PC Line-Up

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Smoothcreations (Smoothcreations.com), a leading manufacturer of Custom PC gaming systems, desktop workstations, and Laptops, introduced today, in collaboration with Intel , are proud to announce the Smoothcreations "Prophet i7" series.

Stop showing up to Lan parties with gaming rigs that look like some else's pc. Turn heads, and then shred them with the Prophet i7 series. The first portable performance PC from Smooth Creations.

Configurable options available in price point category platform solutions. The Ultimate LAN party system: The Smooth Creations Prophet i7 series was designed to intimidate, perform and back up every piece of trash talk you fling at your gaming buddies. These custom painted gaming beasts deliver the graphics-shredding processing power you need to conquer your next LAN event.

"The Prophet i7 Portable design makes it easy to go to those LAN parties without having to lug heavy pc equipment around", Mario Gastelum, Product Marketing. The "Prophet i7" models are stacked with Intel Core i7 CPU's and a tasty choice of Diamond Radeon HD
4870's or 2x 4870X2 H20 Special Edition graphics cards in Crossfire configurations. Or you can choose some ass kicking BFG Geforce 280 GTX's or 260 GTX's in SLI or TRI SLI configurations. Be rest assured that not only will you have a screaming looking case - but a serious war gaming machine that will get you the highest frame rates playing Crysis or Far Cry 2. Any i7 Platform that is built with a pair of BFG's Geforce 260 or 280 GTX will get a FREE custom painted BFG logo & themed fender guitar and a free copy of Far Cry2.

(Ed. note: The green/gray Hellcat system image has been added, so you get an idea about the look of the casing from Smoothcreations)
"Every Prophet i7 system is custom painted", Mario Gastelum. We don't outsource our painted artwork like some of our competitors - by sending their customers pc cases to a car paint shop, Smoothcreations maintains inhouse our own design team.

Smoothcreations teamed up with some of the best partners to deliver the best-breed Core i7 solutions Platform, like MSI, Corsair, Kingston, Patriot, Corsair, GSkill Memory, Intel, BFGtech, Diamond, Western Digital, Lite On, DFI, and Silverstone, Tagan, Epower, as well as Water Cooling Mavens Danger Den.

Systems start at an affordable price point of $1,995.00.

The beautiful design and artwork is only rivaled by it's modular design. For those whom want simply an awesome personalized pc at a price they can afford, The "Prophet i7" makes sense.

For those that want the real deal, you can have expensive imitators, or you can have a Beautiful and evil performing pc and a work of art at an attractive price point". Denny Liu, Product Manager, GSkill Memory. "Gskill is proud to partner up with Smoothcreations to provide these affordable gaming to the mass market".

The Smoothcreations Prophet i7 are available for immediate delivery, and custom artwork designs, configurations, and upgrades are available. Each "Prophet i7 pc is custom painted and serialized.

About SmoothCreations
Smooth Creations was founded by Jim "Smooth" Saling in 1999. Smooth has over 15 years of experience in the automotive finishing industry. During that time, Smooth's work has gained national attention from many media outlets. He has been called on to design and create custom paint jobs for high-end sports cars (among the best, he's painted a Lamborghini Diablo, Dodge Viper, many muscle cars and multiple Hot Rods that were featured in national calendars). When Hollywood comes looking for a custom designed PC, they look no further. The likes of Jay Leno, Steven Spielberg have commissioned the work of SmoothCreations.

When he was introduced to the high-end computer industry by a friend, it was the perfect match. Now the power users of the computing world can get a hand designed, custom painted "Smooth Creation" to match their interests, hobbies and even mood. Nothing is too hard for Smooth, and it shows.

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Holly ****!

What case is that on the top! 4 fans, and some crazy art work... WOW. That's a bit much... Personally I dig the straight black with *some* neon.
Dare I check prices?

Originally Posted by low strife
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What case is that on the top!

The Danger-Den Tower 26.
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Holy ****.
That flame one looks tacky.
it the top one was black and dark grey, and done in a matte finish, it would look good beyond belief
Skulls and flames eh? It's like being in a biker shop.

Very tacky IMO.
That top case is something syrillian would do if he were emo.

Originally Posted by joemaniaci
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That top case is something syrillian would do if he were emo.


Meh. Watch those cases be $600 out of the total.
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wow that's insane! don't even want to know the prices of those things
Meh, I'm not fond of acrylic cases. Nice airbrush jobs though.
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